Bigcommerce product feed to PriceGrabber: Effective plugin to use right now

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Elite features of ExportFeed:

  • You can post the variations of products easily while listing.
  • Product categories to the merchant categories in easy procedure.
  • Add SEO value to your products in feeds with the help of our feature to add suitable product attribute.

List in multiple merchants along with Bigcommerce product feed to PriceGrabber.

Super way to accelerate the promotion of your Bigcommerce feeds is to list them to multiple merchants at once. ExportFeed has 40 plus merchants integrated in this plugin. You can choose any of these merchants to list to. All you needs is few extra clicks to promote to PriceGrabber & 40 other merchants. You can control them from one central location.



Publish to multiple Merchants
List your products to multiple merchants without any hassles. Control all your product feeds to all your merchants & price grabber from one single plugin.


Currency Supported
Our advanced commands enable you to customize the currency according your convenience. Make your trade to PriceGrabber easier.


Product variation support.
Entering all the variations like size color type by hand is a tedious work. This plugin customizes all your attributes. You can now concentrate in the other aspects. So varied PriceGrabber categories can easily be attained.

No variation vs. variation: Which is really better?

It is always better to upload your products in all the available variations you have. It makes your product more specific & helps you reach your actual customers.
ExportFeed enables you to assign various attributes to your feeds.
However it is a big hassle to enter attributes individually. Customizing the product attributes according to your product also enables this. ExportFeed provides you with a perfect solution, “Product Variation Support”.
Now you can customize your Bigcommerce product feed to PriceGrabber with the attributes that define your products the best. This helps for accurate and more product listings.

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